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Presenting Southampton with one of the world’s most comprehensive mixed-use waterfronts, the proposed Water Gardens bring a diversity of opportunity and activity to the banks of the Solent. By relocating the Red Funnel Ferry Line to a more accessible location, both city and gardens are extended to the water’s edge. Sustainable and self-contained, three urban villages embrace three new marinas; each tailored to the lifestyles of its occupants. Backed by 150,000 square feet of retail space, an enhanced maritime museum, signature yacht club, and a greatly expanded Mayflower Park will create a robust mix of rich leisure experiences and educational encounters for all who visit Southampton.

With ship-inspired cross-sections and sail-form silhouettes, the twinned Navigation Towers offer a graphic response to their harbour setting, overlooking High Quay. Hosting around 500 of the scheme’s 3,000 apartments, the towers’ lower stories will support a blend of shops, restaurants, and service retail catering to residents, workers, and the yachting community moored at their feet. Joined by a glazed Sky Garden and Observatory, the towers frame views of the city for ships arriving to dock while presenting citizens with a symbolic portal to the waterfront. Linked by pivoting footbridges spanning the quay’s mouths, this continuous tree-lined promenade creates a signature civic amenity for Southampton.


Water Gardens


Royal Pier, Southampton, UK

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