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The original Vitruvian triad of Commodity / Firmness / Delight must be updated for our time. Today we live in the most enlightened world where intellectual curiosity and the marketplace of ideas breathes life and opportunity into every city. In kind, each city must engender the possibility for the flourishing of the human spirt as never before.

Our architecture, gardens, interiors, and artifacts must engage us with a robust vitality of civic life. A vitality that creates possibilities for ourselves, our children, our friends and colleagues. The richness of architectural design throughout history has always been about celebrating the best of that civilization's hopes and dreams.

Architecture captures the ethos of a culture in built form. We have to find a new form, a new expression for our time far away from the sterility and austerity of the minimalism that is erasing the identity of cities and countries around the globe. Here is where our art, our CivicArt, asserts itself as an alternative. Here where the life of a city is not just in its monuments, but in unleashing the creative potential of the human spirit. Architecture can and will trigger these creative faculties in us all.



It's never been about the environment, but the experience... not about the architecture but the empowering of the human spirit


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