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Of all the projects currently exploding on the landscape of Dubai, not one represents such an integrated concept as the Dubai International Finance Centre. Here in Dubai’s business district on the creek, over 20 million square feet of space will be linked under one roof, with the most comprehensive mix of office, hotel, leisure, hospitality, residential, cultural, retail and customer services, opening onto the most public and elegant garden anywhere in the Emirates.

Serving over 60,000 people working and living on the site, it will host another 60,000 visitors each day. More than this, though, it will provide all the amenities for workers, residents, shoppers and visitors with a collection of civic rooms, gardens and services that are only approximated in the best of the resort hotels. DIFC will be a destination for people to work, live, host clients, visit, entertain guests, and sustain the daily routine of an urban village in the heart of the fastest growing city in the world. Bringing residential, office, hotel, retail, catering, entertainment, and cultural facilities together under one roof, DIFC provides the most comprehensive mixed-use financial centre anywhere in the world.


Establishing a working structure

At the centre of the project, four new towers create a strong, lyrical, timeless centrepiece for DIFC. Two new office towers, a 5-star boutique business hotel, and a conference, meeting and banqueting centre fill the four quadrants around the 5 story central arcades. These towers bring a density of development, compelling mass, and eccentric architectural form to the heart of the Dubai International Finance Centre.

Dubai International Finance Centre


Dubai, UAE

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New West End
Titanic Quarter


the most elegant combination of shade and water anywhere in the Middle East


Integrating local culture on all levels

A rich collection of interpretive Arabic gardens will connect all of the towers together into a rich tapestry of garden rooms reminiscent of the great gardens of the Arabic World. These gardens are more than just landscape showcases, as they will relate to the lobbies, banquet halls, galleries, reception rooms, restaurants, and performance halls throughout DIFC. More than this, the gardens of DIFC will become destinations in and of themselves, contemplative spaces where the workers and inhabitants of DIFC will find solace away from the intensity of the day. Traditionally, gardens were the province of the Palace or the Resort, but here at DIFC, the gardens are the heart and soul of the civic experience. The Gardens of DIFC will offer the largest public gardens in the Arabic World as part of the hospitality amenities for resident, worker, visitor, and guest alike. These gardens, drawn from the finest traditions of Arabic Garden and landscape design will become a destination in themselves, but more than this, they will provide the most elegant combination of shade and water anywhere in the Middle East.

As an essential part of the Art and Architecture of DIFC, a comprehensive Civic Art program will be developed that will feature the finest artists in the Arabic World as a showcase of the arts, crafts, performing, and visual artistry in Arabic tradition and contemporary design. Sculpture gardens, murals, furniture, and industrial design will be inspired by Arabic ornament, patterns and traditions as much as contemporary innovations.

DIFC will introduce a new Performance Hall, Drama Theatres, Museum, Galleries, Library, all of which will be available to worker, resident, and guest alike. These facilities will extend the quality of experience far beyond the normal routine of working and living at DIFC. It will introduce visual and performing arts, educational programs, and complement the business opportunities for the entire development where authorities in their fields may come and share their expertise with the citizens of DIFC.



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