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Owned by Eric R Kuhne, CIVICARTS is a research and design practice dedicated to rediscovering the pageantry of civic life. It is currently building both mixed-use and specialised projects on four continents, from urban regeneration schemes to entire city masterplans. Wherever it builds, CIVICARTS integrates architecture, landscape, urban, interior and industrial design to create an aesthetic that celebrates the cultural ethos of its hosts.
Passionate about urban form, Eric believes that enlightened retail has the power to sustain the robust vitality of civic life, and that the city has been, and always will be, the ultimate ‘Marketplace of Ideas’. Great Civic Places are gifts to the city, but it is not enough to simply build open public spaces. They must actively support the pageantry of civic life that is played out in the shops, restaurants, pubs, gardens and galleries that surround them. This animation of the streetscape is what converts circulation spaces into meeting places, giving rise to the vibrant ‘Café Society’ that is a hallmark of Eric’s retail schemes.

With the help of over 30 colleagues, his work spans 4 continents creating landmark centres for each nation. Research and Design borrow from archaeology, anthropology, cultural history, behavioural economics, folk legacy, myths & legends, and build upon the ethos of each civilization where he builds.

His work continues to expand into new markets and new cultures, establishing alternative design solutions that restore the story-telling qualities of architecture to cities all over the world.

As an experienced international speaker, Eric makes frequent presentations on the evolution of retail, the revolution in the workplace, festive civic life, and lately the development of new towns built upon his research principles. These same towns are now shattering the assumptions of over 100-years of planning doctrine.

Having studied Art & Architecture at Rice University, Houston, Texas, Eric R Kuhne received the William Ward Watkin Travelling Fellowship in 1973. He went on to complete his Masters of Architecture degree at Princeton, being awarded the AIA’s Henry Adams Medal for academic and artistic excellence as the top graduate in the class of 1983.
While still studying at Princeton, he ran an award-winning design office, hiring his fellow students to advance both the Courtyards Project and Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (Opened in 1981, Headwaters Park remains one of the only profitable urban parks in North America, and the winner of numerous design awards).
Moving his office to New York City in 1985, Eric remained there for 20 years before consolidating his various activities in 2005. All his research, design and development work is now concentrated in his main office in London, where he has lived for the past 15 years.




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