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The winning design transforms the parking lot into a park and an urban plaza by using ordinary urban design elements – patterned pavers and lighting under canopies of trees. Bradford Callery pear trees mark the seasons with white blossoms in the spring and red-orange leaves in the fall. Metal grids at the bottom and steel tree guards around the trunks protect the trees. Lighting at the top of the tree guards allows light to penetrate the leaf canopy.

The ideas for the design were inspired by the urban plazas in Europe, where a scarcity of land has made accommodating cars, marketplaces and activities in a single multiuse space a necessity. Many plazas with historical pattern pavements, fountains and sculptures are used today as parking lots during the week and marketplaces during the weekends. This winning design invites the pedestrian into the space as a pleasant place to visit and coexist with cars.

Columbus Carscape


Indiana, USA


River Walk
Headwaters Park


Pear trees mark the seasons with white blossoms.


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