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Moscows City Airport is slated to become a centrepiece in the regeneration of this vast city. New residential, schools, athletic and sports facilities ring the southern edge of this project.

At the heart of the scheme is a Museum of Flight integrated into a retail/leisure/exhibition centre covering 2.5 million sf. The development will create the finest retail mix in Russia and bring nearly 36 million visitors to this cultural icon of Russian innovation and invention.

Designed to represent the iconography of flight, the architecture will suggest a new lyrical form to the spirit of flight. Runways will remain as exhibition spaces for the rich mix of Russian aircraft and a contemporary garden between these runways will integrate the galleries of the Museum into eight Garden rooms, pavilions and follies celebrating a terrestrial base for this pageantry of celestial achievement.

Avia Park Gardens


Moscow, Russia

Retail | Mixed Use

Stratford City
Charter Place


Designed to represent the iconography of flight,the architecture will suggest a new lyrical form


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