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A landmark on Astana’s skyline, the Arman Mall will dominate the old city’s retail landscape for years to come. It excels in everything it does, bringing together the best in premium retail, residential, hospitality, and entertainment and wrapping them within an original architecture that pays homage to Kazakhstan’s proud past. Responding to the extremes of the Kazakh climate, its rooftop winter gardens offer a year-round oasis for relaxation and dining that draws visitors upwards through the scheme. Backing up its entourage of restaurants, spas, and cinemas are a full complement of concierge services ready to meet the expectations of international visitors and dignitaries experiencing this newest of Asian capitals.

Client: INCOM

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Arman Mall


Astana, Kazakhstan

Retail | Mixed Use | Towers

The V Building
Bab al Nur (House of Light)


" original architecture that pays homage to Kazakhstan's proud past."


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